Effectively Schedule & Manage Payments Between Any Two Parties.


About Us

EasyPayd is a safe, automated, online payment platform, that effectively schedules and manages payments between two parties.

The program was originially developed to managing loans between family and/or friends through PayMyParents.

As we have grown, the system is now used for various different reasons, including; financial lenders to manage loan repayments, solicitors and family law firms to assisting clients to manage payments for child support, payment plans, divorce settlements and mortgages & much more.


Whitelabel Options

An option to have a fully branded portal.

Management Portal

Monitor your clients agreements & track payments.

Email Updates

Clients receive automated email updates & payment reminders.

Financial Education

Free access to a growing library of financial education tools.

Data Security

All data is secured by some of the world's best protection services.

Support Services

Dedicated support team for any issues or questions that may arise.

Ongoing Development

An evolving platform that strives to be the best.

Fast Onboarding Process

Sign up and have active loans in minutes.

Configurable Platform

Ability to configure the platform to your needs.

How It Works

Set Up An Agreement in 4 Easy Steps!

1. Sign Up

Both parties need to sign up to EasyPayd through the portal.

2. Create An Agreement

This can be a new or an existing agreement you or your client want to manage through EasyPayd.

3. Upload A Contract

PDF contracts are easily uploaded to the portal. Both parties must digitally sign the agreement before any payments are made active.

4. Set & Forget

Payments are automatically transferred between the user’s bank accounts, with payment history, upcoming payments and other relevant information available to view by both of the user’s and potentially you/your company at any time.



Our customers are our
biggest fans

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    EasyPayd was exactly the product we were looking for to help get our company off the ground. Thanks to EasyPayd we are now providing a successful service for over 10,000 happy clients.


    Marketing, PayMyParents

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    We had never seen a product like this until we came across EasyPayd. The ability to easily view and manage payment history has really been a godsend for us!



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    A huge thank-you to the EasyPayd guys. We found the whole system so easy and no fuss for our family financial matter.

    We found the team at EasyPayd both helpful and patient. Their answers to our questions were plain and easy to understand and we found their approach highly ethical and professional. My family would highly recommened their system and if we need them again, will certainly be straight on to Easypayd.

    Jack Thompson


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    My wife and I gave a large loan to our son, to assist him into the housing market. We needed help to formalise this to safeguard our funds and we were recommended to EasyPayd.

    Their system was easy to understandf and gave us a huge amount of confidence - our whole family are at ease now and thank the EasyPayd Team for their professional approach to our situation.

    Richard Jackson


Pricing Structure

The use of our software is 100% free. The only time a cost is incured is when a payment is made. This cost covers normal bank fees and our fee to manage each payment.

Small Loans

Loan Size:
$1 - $1, 500

Max Loan Term:
100 weeks

Min. Payment Amount:

  • $2.95 per payment

Medium Loans

Loan Size:
$1, 501 - $10, 000

Max Loan Term:
4 years

Min. Payment Amount:

  • $3.95 per payment

Large Loans

Loan Size:
$10, 000 +

Max Loan Term:
30 years

Min. Payment Amount:

  • $4.95 per payment

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