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EasyPayd is the world's first true
one to one lending platform

Built from the foundations of PayMyParents,
we have a deep understanding of the peer-to-peer lending market.

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Our platform connects Borrowers directly with Private Lenders. Many “good” Borrowers don’t fit the stringent criteria of Banks & existing Lending Institutions. We are changing that!

EasyPayd allows a Borrower to present their requirements along with important information allowing Private Lenders to select who they wish to assist in a fair & informed manner.

It’s simple, quick & easy with fully automated systems to manage payments over the term of the loan.

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The founders of EasyPayd have been involved in the industry for over 20 years & have watched so many decent people being refused credit because of pedantic rules.

From personal experience with our children, we initially built PayMyParents.com which was based on 'Parent to Child' loans. The overwhelming results proved there is a huge number of 'good' people without parental, family or friend support, in need of financial support. EasyPayd has been created to do just that. And it has been created for anyone from Micro Investors like Mum’s & Dad’s who want to build & manage their own portfolio up to sophisticated Lenders to offer peer-to-peer loans directly to their chosen Borrower.

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We believe that our education system fails to teach fiscal/financial management skills.

Anyone who uses our platform has 100% free access to our financial education portal. Here you can find information on how to create wealth, & over time, this section will grow to include expert advice in various areas to assist young people to learn exceptional money management skills.

Borrowing money is not a bad thing & almost everyone has done this at some stage - but what you borrow it for & how you manage that borrowing is essential. Get it wrong & it can have long lasting, negative results on a person's life & their future.

Our aim is to help you to make smart decisions in a safe, positive, nurturing manner.


We are a small, motivated team of professionals working to improve the life of everyday people. We aim to teach cutting-edge financial skills to anyone willing to learn and we strive to ensure all our clients are treated fairly & equally.

  • Richard van der Velde

    Founder & CEO

    Richard studied Law at Auckland University before founding the largest SCUBA Diving store on the Gold Coast. Having conquered that challenge, Richard opened a second hand furniture store with the unique concept of consigning goods so the owners shared in the sale price - which he grew to 12 stores. This concept developed into an online Furniture & Appliance Rental Business.

    In 2019, Richard began ‘PayMyParents’. This has now been developed to a working platform with the concept expanding into EasyPayd.

  • John Xu

    Head of Legal

    John Xu is a Partner of Spectre Linkers. He is a key member of the firm’s highly regarded Financial Services practice and is involved in the overall leadership of the firm.

    John has diverse experience acting for investors, foreign exchange brokers, financiers, and fund sponsors and managers in their Australian and Asia regional investment, development, financing and capital raising activities.

  • Ash Cowey

    Head of IT

    Ash has extensive development experience across a diverse range of platforms, languages and frameworks. He has worked with major blue chips and SMEs to enact digital change and provide solutions to complex problems.

    Ash will lead a growing team of developers to ensure we maintain an innovative platform that remains at the forefront of the EasyPayd lending system for decades to come.

  • Michael Bailey

    Head of Marketing

    Michael holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication from Queensland University of Technology and has worked with some of Queensland’s most recognisable brands including; Black & White Cabs and Suncorp Stadium.

    Michael has a keen interest in all things ‘digital marketing’ and has a deep understanding of the new-age marketing practices.

  • Fabian Klingberg Jackson

    Instagram Expert

    Former CEO of BB Co. Fabian built BB Co to become a multi million dollar social media company.

    His knowledge of Instagram’s intricacies and ability to exploit Instagram for maximum exposure is second to none.


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