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EasyPayd connects qualified Borrowers with entrepreneurial Lenders.

The EasyPayd platform enables you, the Borrower, to borrow money directly from another person - bypassing the outdated lending criteria of banks and other lenders. Our system is designed to help Borrowers to easily manage their loan/s in a secure, online environment.

Repayments Managed for You

Once your loan has been set up, there is nothing more for you to do! You will be sent payment reminders when payments are due, and the money is automatically transferred from your bank account.

Fast Approval of Loans

As soon as you and the Lender agree on the terms of the loan, your loan is instantly approved! No wait times, no approval process, you can begin your repayments as soon as you’re ready.

State Of The Art Security

By following procedures that are the strictest & most rigorous within the industry, we are able to reduce the fraud risk on loans. All data is secured by some of the world's best protection services.

24/7 Access

With the EasyPayd system, you can view your loan statement, check on the balance of your loan/s or request more money at any time through our easy to use portal.


Join the revolution of peer-to-peer lending in Australia.


Set the requirements of the loan you need in minutes.


Live life without the burden of trying to find money.


Make your repayments & secure your financial future.

What You Need To Know

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The platform allows you to:

  • Request a loan from a Lender in our system
  • State the term you require the loan for
  • Give a reason for the loan - “sell” yourself! The more relevant information you provide in the best manner you can makes a big difference when a Lender assesses who to lend to!
  • A Lender can offer to fund your loan within a range of values. This is done to protect you as the Borrower from unscrupulous Lenders.

Using Our Platform Has Major Advantages For Borrowers

To the best of our knowledge, ALL Lenders are private individuals which means they are more sympathetic to potential Borrowers BUT it also means they are using their own private money to help you so consider this when applying and treat Lenders as friends, not big corporations with unlimited funds.

Maximum Loan

Currently no loan in our platform can be in excess of $2,000 with a maximum term of 12 months.

Present Your Loan In The Best Light

If you are looking for a small loan, Lenders are more likely to say 'yes' if the term is shorter so consider what you need, how much you can comfortably repay per payment and try to make the term you need as short as possible. Make sure this is affordable for you!

Once you show a Lender you are a good payer, then you are significantly more likely to have further loans approved and funded in the future.

Our platform rewards people who pay on time and in full!

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Automated System

Once you have set up your loan, there is nothing more for you to do!

EasyPayd manages the repayments and everything associated with that for you.

24/7 Access to Member's Portal

View progress of your loans, updates, new loan offers from Lenders and much more - anytime of the day or night!

Simply login to the Member's Portal to have all this information at your finger tips.

Free Legal Documentation

The best thing you can do to protect yourself while borrowing money from someone is to ensure there is a clear, legally binding contract in place.

EasyPayd provides a free loan contract that will help to mitigate risks associated with the loan.

Fast Turnaround

Our system has the cabability for you to have your loan in a matter of minutes!

As soon as you are matched with a Lender, and the contract is signed, the money can be in your account within minutes!

Our platform...

Allows you to make your own decisions based on knowledge and facts

Allows a Borrower that would normally not meet outdated, draconian or over-regulated borrowing criteria to potentially enter into a loan

Allows you the opportunity to form a direct, harmonious relationship with the Lender


If you have any questions, concerns or need help with anything - please don't hesitate to reach out!

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