How It Works

Helping you make an informed decision

EasyPayd connects qualified Borrowers directly
with entreprenurial Lenders, in a secure environment

The process is extremely simple - with all the heavy lifting done by us.
We're changing the way people look at loans, and giving the power back to the people.


Requests A Loan

The Borrower signs up to EasyPayd & makes a request for a loan amount.

This request includes the total loan amount, the loan term & reason for the loan.


Lender Sets The
Terms Of Loan

The loan request is then added to the "Loan Pool" and presented to all available Lenders on the platform.

Any interested Lender, can make an offer to fund the loan, which will include the repayment amount. Lenders can choose their rates within legal limits.


Loan Terms
Agreed Upon & Signed

Once the Borrower has reviewed all offers, they can accept and sign off on the one they wish to proceed with.


Loan Is Transferred
& Repayments Begin

Funds will automatically be transferred from the Lender to the Borrower, and repayments will begin at the scheduled start date.

Grow your investment portfolio

Lend to credit worthy borrowers

Cater to your appetite for risk with informed decision points

Potential to earn significant returns

Competitive rate

Simple, personalised application process

The possibility of offers from more than one Lender

Automated repayments - simple set & forget!

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